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Die GP3 Strategy

What is it?

The GP3 Trading Strategy is an easy-to-use trading strategy with a fixed set of rules. Through fixed rules it is an easy to reproduce system, with sustainable and constant profits.

A functioning strategy is the key if you want to be successful day trader.

Do I go for a long trade? Do I go for a short trade? Where do I open a trade? Where do I close a trade?

Questions that every day trader asks himself and too often decisions are made based on gut feelings. If trades are made based on gut decisions, a trader will not be profitable in the long run and will not be able to achieve constant profits.

It is important to have a system with fixed rules, reproducible entry and exit criteria and clear results. For this reason I have developed the GP3 Trading Strategy. It is the result of years of experience, intensive market observation and daily trading.

Due to the simple and clear set of rules, the strategy is equally suitable for trading beginners but also for advanced traders.

Brief introduction

GP3 Strategy

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GP3 Strategy

What do I get?

With a detailed video workshop I make you fit for the GP3 strategy. In numerous videos I explain step by step what the strategy is and what defines the system. I explain the underlying concept, show trade examples and explain when to enter a trade and when to exit a trade.

In addition, you get an indicator developed exclusively for GP3, which displays the GP3 strategy in the chart and informs you by e-mail or smartphone notification, as soon as corresponding GP3 criteria are met. The indicator is available for MetaTrader 4 and 5, StereoTrader is not required for the GP3 indicator.



GP3 Strategy

Purchase workshop and indicator

The GP3 strategy is currently available at a price of 1,199 Euro!

Is the high price worth it? Whether a price is high or not is always relative. In the end, it’s not what it costs that matters, but what it brings you in terms of savings or, in this case, in terms of profit.

Imagine you are using an old computer. It still works but it is slow, not all programs run on it and e.g. MetaTrader crashes frequently. Sooner or later you will buy a new computer because it will save you time, money and nerves.

Of course it depends on your account size and available capital but with my trades in my Telegram group I have shown many times how you can recover the costs within a few days.

➡️ You have already purchased the GP3 strategy? Then got to the workshop here.


Links & info

GP3 Indicator

Versions Log

//| Version history |
- Updated to new ST Build 2832

- Var pipe for multiple instances changed

- New ST API
- New exchnage pipe added
- Minor improvements
- Signal price to var pipe added

- Timeframe bug MT4 fixed

- Tickmill Edition added

- Copecart added

- license check MT4 bug fixed

- Band empty array bug fixed

- Leaked memory bug fixed

- Multi timeframe trend bug fixed

- IMPROVED: license key bug fixed
- IMPROVED: Resize bug fixed

- IMPROVED: Instance ID bug fixed

- IMPROVED: Entry boxes on forex markets improved

- IMPROVED: Instance ID bug fixed

- NEW: Debug option added

- NEW: Custom interface scale added
- IMPROVED: Interface position bug fixed
- IMPROVED: NumericUpDown scale problem fixed

- IMPROVED: Automatic interface scale improvements

- NEW: Multiple instances on same chart can be used now
- NEW: Entry box alert added
- NEW: Automatic interface DPI scale added
- NEW: Email / mobile alert delay added
- IMPROVED: Interface position bug fixed
- IMPROVED: Interface check timing increased

- IMPROVED: bug with multiple charts of same symbol fixed

v2.0 - 2.03
- NEW: Interface added
- NEW: Easy to use toggle buttons added
- NEW: Option to display fibo levels added
- NEW: Option to display GP3 entries zones added
- NEW: Trend strictness options added
- NEW: Fill band option added
- NEW: Trend color customization added
- NEW: Signal color customization added
- NEW: Entry box color customization added
- NEW: GP3 status icons added
- NEW: GP3 programming API added
- IMPROVED: Signal line calculation optimized
- IMPROVED: Trend calculation optimized

- NEW: Signal line indication for GOST added
- IMPROVED: band line bugfix MT4

- IMPROVED: Trend lines are set to foreground now (MT4)

- First offical version